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Welcome Holistic Roots!


Welcome Holistic Roots!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve debated whether to convert my Holistic Roots blog from a full independent site to a part of my Merirei Media Group network.

In looking at my traffic and target audience, I’ve found that I can actually expand my reach by consolidating the sites.

The Tumblr blog will be available for a few more days as I move things over– but visiting the URL ( ) will now take you to the main MMG blog– effective immediately.

The aim of Holistic Roots is still to inform and educate Palauans (and all Pacific Islanders) about different avenues towards a wholly healthful life– physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial… Ngii’l rokui! This will be through articles, reposts and hopefully even podcasts.

We will also continue in our collaborative efforts with Sol Power Rising– because C’BS Alife Allah is awesome like that.

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