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Smoothies, Smiles and Satisfactory Service


Smoothies, Smiles and Satisfactory Service

SAM_0173One of the things no one warned me about, prior to moving to Palau, was customer service. I’ve been informed– numerous times– that I should not expect good customer service because I’m Palauan and Palauans DO NOT tip. Therefore, waitstaff and clerks will generally not give me much consideration.
There’s one restaurant (I won’t name any names, of course) that I used to enjoy going to on a fairly regular basis. The food was excellent and the reasonable prices made everything taste even better. When I started going, it was usually busy and I assumed the less-than-stellar service had something to do the crowd. But over time, I began to notice that the waitresses were ignoring my table even when there weren’t other people around…
So I started calling in my orders… Or, at least, I tried to! Nearly half the time I would try calling in, the lines (I’d try more than one number) would be busy. So, naturally, I’d go in to order and see one particular waitress STILL ON THE PHONE. It got to be a little to exasperating, so my nearest-and-dearest and I started looking for other places to eat.
Recently, we decided to try the Ramen House– that cool little food shack across the street from Surangel’s that everyone told me only served siopao. As it turns out, they have AMAZING food at reasonable prices AND fresh fruit smoothies! Most of all, they have attentive service and friendly staff! I ate there twice in two days because I was so impressed.
Their siopao IS delicious, but I looooooove their miso onion ramen and their crispy noodles! And their fresh pineapple shake (smoothie) made my week!
So here I am, the Native Ex-Pat come home, and I’m compiling a list of awesome places on the island where the customer service keeps me coming back. That said, a tremendously big THANK YOU to: Surangel’s, R&C Bait and Tackle, PIDC, Kramer’s and Ramen House! You’ve restored my faith in customer service and can count on me as a loyal and proud customer!
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