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Petition Petition against development of Nikko Bay, Palau


Petition Petition against development of Nikko Bay, Palau

The families and friends of Ngermid are nearly halfway to their goal of 1,000 signatures. If you are against the dredging and filling of this last pristine part of Nikko Bay, please sign the petition and forward it along!

We the undersigned, understand that Fish-n-Fins dive shop (dba Eco Green Palau) is seeking approval to reclassify the waters of Nikko Bay from AA to B in order to develop this fragile and pristine area. They have a proposal to relocate their dive business from M-dock to Nikko Bay in Ngermid. Their plan includes dredging and filling 9,000 sq mtrs of undisturbed reef flat and mangroves adjacent to the property they have leased, in order to create a 20 foot deep channel into a private dock that they will build for their dive shop operations. We oppose this proposal and ask that they find a more suitable location. Nikko Bay is both a scientifically and ecologically important area in Palau. Furthermore, PIRIC researchers have published a study which shows that Nikko Bay is poorly suited for development due to poor water exchange in the Bay. Building a dock, and locating a dive operation would adversely affect these pristine waters. Therefore we the undersigned oppose the reclassification of Nikko Bay and oppose the proposed development of this area.

Source: Petition Petition against development of Nikko Bay, Palau

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