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Palauan Woman Featured in “Asians Doing Everything”


Palauan Woman Featured in “Asians Doing Everything”

Merirei Media Group founder Sha Merirei Ongelungel was featured this month on the “Asians Doing Everything” blog– as well as on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed.

Asians Doing Everything recognizes and celebrates the work being done by Asians and Pacific Islanders around the world. We transcend the roles often given to us by popular media; we’re not just doctors, sidekicks, and nail salon owners…although we are those too. We pursue an infinite variety of jobs. But we are also passionate about things not connected to a paycheck. This blog seeks to uncover how we operate as striking, multifaceted, and global movers and shakers within our communities and economies.

Ongelungel hopes to see more Pacific Islanders, especially her fellow Palauans, being recognized for their commitments to their respective communities and pursuing their dreams.

Source: Asians Doing Everything

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