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Palau Senate offers incentive to make babies


Palau Senate offers incentive to make babies


Citing low birth rates in Palau in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and 2015, Senate fearing that low birth rates threatens Palau’s economic growth, offers financial incentive for Palauan citizens to have large families.

Senate Bill 9-179 in effort to increase birth rate, offers financial reward to Palauan parents for having more than two children. $1,000 for a third child, $2,000 for fourth child and $3,000 for the fifth child.

According to the bill, at least one parent must be Palauan citizen. A mother must have at least two children who have a parent who is Palauan citizen before any of her children can trigger a benefit payment. In other words, if non-palauan mother have two children with non-palauan father, those children will not count as first and second. If a third child is from Palauan parent, that child is not eligible for benefit payment. The child must be third Palauan child, must have first two older Palauan children before becoming eligible for benefit payment.

This is in its first reading and assigned to Ways & Means of the Senate. Comments and recommendations can be forwarded to this committee

[Original source: Island Times Newspaper]

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