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Palau seizes more Vietnamese fishing boats


Palau seizes more Vietnamese fishing boats

KOROR – After two weeks of surveillance, Palau’s patrol boat, Remeliik intercepted and seized two Vietnamese fishing boats.

The vessels were spotted by a Pacific Mission Aviation plane that was working with Palau on surveillance. The vessels were brought to port last week with their crew.

“Palau is doing very well in training on how to enforce the Marine Sanctuary Law. We have a strong law, good marine coordination and excellent support and coordination with the AGO and the court system. While this is a gradual process that will require time to improve, there is excellent visible progress,” Attorney General Bradley said.

Since February, two separate seizures of fishing vessels from the Philippines have been made. Captains of the vessels have been charged with illegal fishing under the Marine Sanctuary Law.

Last week, Palau Supreme Court sentenced the two captains of the vessels to 60 days in jail and forfeiture of their vessels and equipment.

To send the message about Palau’s seriousness in implement its marine laws, two Vietnamese fishing boats were burned in a publicly recorded event that was broadcast worldwide.

Source: Palau seizes more Vietnamese fishing boats | Pacific |

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