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Misadventures in Fishing, Part 3


Misadventures in Fishing, Part 3

measOfficially, I enjoy fishing a little too much. Maybe because I enjoy solitary endeavors, or possibly because I’m constantly seeking any excuse to leave Koror and run away to my beloved Despedall… (Three cheers if you’re an East Coast girl! Either way, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ngiwal and Melekeok– and I even finally ventured up to Ngaraard. (Albeit not for fishing, but at least I finally explored my other home a little more!)

The Babeldaob misadventure began, like it normally does, with Su and I stopped and R&C Bait and Tackle. We normally stop in to share pictures from our last misadventure, because I generally have no clue what I’ve caught unless it’s something I’ve seen on my plate; ask about places to try fishing, since I’m still not entirely familiar with the geography here; inquire about different products and methods to test; then buy some hooks and A LOT of sinkers.

[For the record: I wouldn’t have to buy so many sinkers, but I seem to have angered a tribe of aquatic trolls who keep taking my sinkers and wedging them between rocks or wrapping them around coral.]

After the article about catching KELSEBUUL with a hand-line, I’ve been informed– repeatedly– that my technique is incredibly strange and should not be yielding results. KELSEBUUL + Hand-line fishing = DOES NOT COMPUTE.

In accordance with the fact that I can’t catch a fish in the normal way– I hereby submit this photography of the MEAS I caught, by hand-line, at Imekang in Ngiwal State. It was nearly the size of my usual KELSEBUUL, which led me to believe that it might not be a MEAS at all. Witnesses at Imekang informed me, however, that this is a MEAS and proceeded to shake their heads in disbelief.

So here I am, the Native Ex-Pat come home, and I’m a little better at catching fish than I was when Su and I started this series of misadventures. With the expert help of the gentlemen at R&C and my family at Imekang, I’m making steady progress. Granted I still catch more fish at night, during low tide, than I do during any other time. But I’ve finally moved up to catching food-looking fish rather than bait, so thank you to everyone for all their guidance and help!

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