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Misadventures in Fishing, Part 01


Misadventures in Fishing, Part 01

In the early days of my column, I wrote about being “fish-inept.” Just to refresh everyone’s memory: this means I have NO CLUE how to handle fish. I don’t know how to catch them, clean them, prepare them or cook them. When it comes to fish, I’m downright useless.

Since moving here to Palau though, I can’t help but notice how many of my relatives go fishing on a regular basis. My vocabulary is slowly, bu surely, expanding, with the different terms used in fishing. I had no basis to utilize sea-inspired words until I came to Palau, but I’m always excited to learn something new.

Along with my new vocabulary also comes this intense fascination with fishing all together. Like awe-struck, jaw-open, can’t-stop-staring fascination.

I want to catch fish. Even if they’re tiny, inedible little minnows– I want to catch them. I’ve spent months watching other people catch fish and eating other people’s catches. I wanna try!

And I did. In Melekeok, of course. I caught three teeny, tiny, bite-sized, bait-looking fish. But they were mine and I caught them. And it was so much fun!

My fascination with catching a fish led me to R&C Bait & Tackle. The store belongs to Joe Giramur, a one-time Ex-Pat who I hadn’t seen since I was 9 years old. Joe set me up with my first-ever fishing rod and gave me some useful pointers about where to try fishing.

So here are the first few things I’ve learned-by-doing:

  1. Fishing hooks are extremely pointy and can get caught in your thumb or pinky finger if you’re not paying attention;
  2. While fishing hooks may come in different sizes, this does not affect how pointy they are or how likely they are to end up stuck in your thumb;
  3. Catching your hook on coral and reeling it in is NOT the same as catching a fish, therefore you do not get to do an I-caught-a-fish-dance;
  4. Fish do not all eat the same thing nor do they keep Kosher, some fish prefer hot dogs or pork over squid;
  5. It is MUCH easier o catch fish in Babeldaob than it is to catch fish in Koror.

So here I am, the Native Ex-Pat come home, and I’m documenting my misadventures in fishing. This is likely to continue for a while, or at least until I can catch a fish big enough to eat. I’ll be updating my blog with various pictures of my failures and accomplishments, so be sure to check it out for the unpublishable hilarious hilarity.

And most importantly, a tremendously big THANK YOU to Angko Joe Giramur over at R&C Bait & Tackle! With your help, I hope to be eating a lot more fish in the near future!

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1 Comment

  1. Rhine

    September 13, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    interesting……looking forward to read more…

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