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Meet and Greet “Cherell the Fit MoM”


Meet and Greet “Cherell the Fit MoM”

Merirei Media Group is ALL about supporting our fellow Palauan entrepreneurs, and we’re especially for supporting our fellow Palauan women in business! That said, we’d like to kick off the week by promoting “Cherell the Fit Mom.”

Per her bio:

“My name is Cherell, I am a former US Army soldier, turned - mother of twins. I recently decided to work towards living a healthier life for me and my family. I have been so inspired by my transformation that I am now dedicated to helping others transform their bodies and take charge of their health as a Team BeachBody coach. If you want more information about BeachBody or what I can do to help you, just comment or message me. I am here to serve you!”

Visit her Facebook page or her Team BeachBody page to support your fellow Palauan entrepreneur and to see how she can help you reach your health and fitness goals!

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