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[Joleen Ngoriakl] Palau, the Free Nation


[Joleen Ngoriakl] Palau, the Free Nation

[Original post date: January 11, 2015 | Click here to read Joleen Ngoriakl’s full article]

Is Palau a “Christian nation”?

I came across this label recently when I saw it posted on Facebook by a well-respected member of the Palauan community. The exact words that were stated are: “Praise be to God for Palau is a Christian nation; leaders and people joined in a breakfast prayer for our nation at the Meyuns President’s Office Compound.” Politically speaking, this idea that Palau is a Christian nation and that leaders hold prayers on government grounds, is a pretty loaded one because it has the potential to alienate individuals and groups in our society; people who hold different beliefs whether they be religious or philosophical.


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