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Fruit Frustration


Fruit Frustration

2012-0611-native-expatI wrote a couple of weeks ago about wanting smoothies– which resulted in getting a delicious papaya smoothie and inspired me to make my own smoothies.

I acquired some free local fruit, which made me wish I lived in a house and had my own garden– but that’s another article for another day. Since I live in an apartment, my next step was to visit my local grocery stores and help out the economy by purchasing some fruit as well.

Initially, I went straight to the produce sections of a few different markets– looking for fresh fruit. I was surprised at the limited selection of local fruit, so I moved on to the imports. Truth be told, I’m still shocked at how much produce is imported to Palau.

I was both shocked  and excited to find Driscoll blueberries at my local grocery store. I was even more shocked and far less excited when I saw the price posted underneath. ELEVEN DOLLARS AND SIXTY-FIVE CENTS?!

I like berries as much as the next person… But seriously?! It was reminiscent of my first trip to Japan during high school, where I discovered that it was perfectly normal to pay $42 for six nectarines. Needless to say, I walked straight to the frozen food section and picked up a bag of frozen berries for four dollars and some change.

So here I am, the Native Ex-Pat come home, and I think I’ll be sticking with local fruit from here on out. Yes, I will miss all those delicious berries from back home… But if it means spending nearly half of my day’s wages just to add a little flavor to my smoothies– bai ‘cherei…

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