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Enhancing capability of public auditors in Palau through strategic planning


Enhancing capability of public auditors in Palau through strategic planning

This week the Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions or PASAI is in Palau working with the Office of the Public Auditor to develop its strategic plan.

The public auditor, Satrunino Tewid, said” “The Office of the Public Auditor is an independent agency of the Republic of Palau. We have a mandate to conduct audits of any entity established or funded by the republic or local government.”

The strategic development of any organization requires visualizing a desired future and creating a plan to make that vision a reality. With six auditors and two support staff, the Office of the Public Auditor has limited capacity and resources. Small supreme audit institutions, such as Palau’s Office of the Public Auditor, are challenged to both deliver their mandate and have plans in place to guide the best use of resources for an effective impact.

One of PASAI’s strategic priorities across the Pacific is to help supreme audit institutions develop and implement a realistic strategic plan and publicly report against these strategic plans.

PASAI’s director for practice development, Sinaroseta Palamo-Iosefo, is working with the staff to develop their knowledge and experience in developing the strategic plan.

Palamo-Iosefo said, “During the week we talked about the components of a strategic plan and the necessary phases in developing the plan. The staff was introduced to the SAI Performance Measurement Framework as a tool to conduct the office’s needs to inform the strategic planning process.

Tewid said: “My staff are enthusiastic about articulating our office’s vision, mission and values which will set our auditing direction for the next three years.”

This assignment is supported by the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Source: Marianas Variety – Enhancing capability of public auditors through strategic planning

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