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Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s not a matter of being single or otherwise chelsenguul…  I just don’t like the idea that I should love my Nearest-and-Dearest more today than any other day.

I prefer the old Elvis song that goes “I love you more today, more today than yesterday… But less than I will tomorrow.”  It makes more sense in my chaotic mind than “I love you more today, but tomorrow isn’t a holiday—so don’t expect much.”

Truth be told, I’m not even a flowers and candy kind of girl. I can’t do much with plants once they’re dead and I can buy my own MUNCH bars.

If necessary, I’d prefer something practical. Something I could use more than once. This year, I got a pizza pan and a cookie press. In light of my love for baking and feeding other people, I think it was a brilliant gift idea.

Truth be told, I’m the kind of girl who’s likely to buy my Nearest-and-Dearest some buuch and cigarettes, then insist on fried Spam and rice for dinner.

It doesn’t seem particularly romantic, but in my mind—it kinda works. The first time my Nearest-and-Dearest took me home to meet the family, she cooked me fried Spam and rice for lunch.

It’s certainly nothing fancy, but I recommend thoughtfulness over expense to anyone, any day!

So for Valentine’s Day, try something simple for your own Nearest-and-Dearest.

Pack them a tet to go with their lunch. Put a note in. Even if it just says CHAILABIU, it’s probably a lot more heartfelt than spending your entire paycheck on dinner and some flowers.

But then again, that’s just how I see Valentine’s Day… A rechad a kakerous…

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