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[Podcast] “So I Called Up…” Debuted April 12 with special guest Jim Geselbracht


[Podcast] “So I Called Up…” Debuted April 12 with special guest Jim Geselbracht

It’s safe to say that a vast majority of the interviews broadcasted on Native ExPat Radio over the last two years have basically been casual phone call recordings. And, for some reason, this has worked out really well for the station!

After some consideration, I thought “Why not just make that my standard talk show format?”

Which then became “Hey, what if I produced an actual series of shows based on phone calls?”

And so I did.

And we launched with one of my favorite interviews so far– with special guest Jim Geselbracht!

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Geselbracht, I highly recommend visiting his blog OUCHACHA: Musings on Palauan cha-cha and other musical forms. I also recommend watching the video below, which he discussed in our interview.

If you missed the original broadcast on Native ExPat Radio, you can listen to the podcast below. And don’t forget that all of our podcasts posted to Soundcloud can be streamed AND downloaded. For free!

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