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[App Update] Say GOODBYE #RequestTab and HELLO #RecordTab!


[App Update] Say GOODBYE #RequestTab and HELLO #RecordTab!

As promised, a new set of #NativeExPatRadio apps is now available for download. The new apps will be replacing the previous apps and the original app will be discontinued on January 14. By discontinued, we mean they will cease to work.

Behold! The "Record" tab!

While the new apps don’t feature our much-loved “Request” tab– you can still text in your shoutouts, requests, dedications, comments, questions, concerns AND recipes! Also, the new app features an exciting NEW FEATURE!

The “Record” tab allows you to record 20 seconds of audio and send it directly to the station. So rather than calling in your request, you can record your request and send it in. This is particularly useful for when the DJ can’t answer live calls, and also gives you a chance to rehearse your shoutouts before sending them in. You can even specifically state that you want your voice altered, if need be!

To update your apps, you can find links on the main Merirei Media Group page or follow the links below:

To download the new app for Android, follow this link:

To download the new app for Apple, follow this link:

And don’t forget– the original apps will stop working on January 14, so be sure to update your app ASAP!


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