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Aimeliik State in Turmoil


Aimeliik State in Turmoil

Land Leasing to Foreign Investors and Upcoming State Election to blame

With flurry of heated letters flying between former governor Demei Obak and Governor Leilani Reklai, disagreements about leasing more land to foreign investors and who is or who is not chief or member, the question has been posed. Who is to blame? Is it fight over land or Titles?

According to Governor Reklai, the upcoming state election for governor and legislature in November is one of the reasons. State election has always been the cause of turmoil in Aimeliik State every four years. Another reason is, with the influx of many Chinese investors, interest in the land in Aimeliik have never been greater than at this time.

Certain people stand to become instant millionaires if they get control over Aimeliik State Public Land and government. That is why, such chaos and turmoil is going on with Aimeliik State Public Land Authority. Issue of titles is tied to the public land leasing according to Governor Reklai.

“There are interests in Aimeliik now working to manipulate the Land Authority, Council of Chiefs and Legislature and the upcoming election, to position Aimeliik so that they can gain control over its public lands, to sell or lease for 99 years whatever land they could for their financial gain” stated Governor Reklai. “This started with 2 million dollar issue in 2014 and now we are seeing the escalation.”

The chaos is added to by Aimeliik State Legislature, Ngarkeai (Ngerkeai Traditional Council of Chiefs), State Council of Chiefs and national council of chiefs cited Reklai. April 30, Aimeliik State Legislature led by Speaker Teruo Rengulbai and Legislator Dolmers, passed a resolution “confirming” Obak and eight members of AIMSPLA Board as “official”.

In the resolution, they blamed Governor Reklai and Uchelkeiukl clan for interfering with AIMSPLA Board and turning the issue of Chief Rengulbai into a state government issue. Chief Rengulbai is of the Uchelkeiukl clan and is a member of Aimeliik State Public Land Authority by virtue of his title as Rengulbai. This is the same legislature that passed a resolution urging AIMSPLA Board in October of 2014, to approve a lease agreement with PGI for $2.2 million dollars.

“I feel so sorry for my State and my people! They are being played by very shrewd people for their own financial gain and political gain, at the expense of their and their children’s future. I will do my very best in the remaining months I have left and let my people decide for themselves” cited Reklai.

THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2015 14:21

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