Thank you & Kom Kmal Mesulang!

Merirei Media Group & Native ExPat Radio celebrates THIRD anniversary!

Three years ago, I launched Merirei Media Group and Native ExPat Radio with no solid plan or framework… And I’m not sure that anyone really thought it would take off or last… But here we are, and I owe it to ALL OF YOU!

Thank you to everyone for their input/feedback over the years, for tolerating the format changes, and the multitude of technical difficulties. Through hosting changes and app updates, you’ve been wonderful and welcoming and patient and understanding!

As a reminder, I don’t operate Native ExPat Radio for profit. With the exception of paid political ads during the 2016 Palauan presidential election, I pay for the radio station out of pocket in order for it to stay free and accessible because I believe it’s one of the only things I do well enough to offer to the greater Palauan community as a my personal contribution. I hope it’s lived up to it’s mission and slogan of helping to bring you all “a little bit closer to home” whenever you’re able to tune in…

And even though I’m not always around for live request shows, mainly due to health issues as of late, I am still around. I am still taking your feedback and input and trying to find ways to grow and evolve to better serve the community because you all matter to me– regardless of how we may feel about one another on a personal level.

We are Palauans and, above all else, I celebrate what we are and who we are. I am here to offer my support and whatever resources I can to help all of you– whether it’s wanting a platform to speak out or needing someone to listen while you untangle your thoughts. <3

I am absolutely grateful and tremendously blessed for each and every person Merirei Media and Native ExPat Radio has brought into my world (for however long or short of a time) in these last three years. You are all appreciated beyond measure!

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