Posted on June 21, 2017 1:45 am

Brand Melairei Speaks Up & MMG Is All For It

Just seen a post that really saddened me. Some of us back home are real close minded and ignorant and you all disgust me. It’s 2017 yet you people are still living under a rock. You blame foreigners on occupying lands and what not. You think all the business I.e hotels that are owned by foreigners were just given to them or they just built them without proper procedures. Of course it’s overwhelming to see our beautiful rock island somewhat leveled down for new business but don’t blame foreigners for occupying anything. If it’s anything, blame your uncle or aunt who sold that piece of land to that foreigner. And stop with all this racist, idiotic comments about Chinese or any other races. I swear, each and every one of you people who made those comments should all come to the states and do that and see what happens to you. It’s 20 fucking 17. Get your heads out of your asses and open you guys’s eyes. You all are bunch of idiots.


That’s a post from our fams, Brand Melairei, in response to a recent vehicle accident that proved fatal for one Filipino resident… The news story reads:

(ISLAND TIMES) – Filipino Dies In Van Collision In Ngatpang

by June 20, 2017

By: L.N. Reklai

June 20, 2017 (Koror, Palau) A 39 year-old Filipino national died in a fatal accident after two vans collide on the Compact Road between Koskai and Ibobang late yesterday afternoon.

The two vans, a Chinese tour van with 9 passengers collided with a van belonging to PRA Farm with two passengers, a Filipino national and a Chinese national.

The Filipino, Crisanto Ronquillo, an employee of PRA Farm was a passenger in the van. According to reports, the passenger side of the PRA van was smashed in and had to be pried open to remove Ronquillo. Mr. Crisanto Ronquillo died shortly after reaching the hospital.

Most of the passengers from the tour van sustained minor injuries and were treated and released. Two including the driver/tour guide were still being monitored.

Farmer Qiaohua Fu, the driver of PRA Farm van stated that the white tour van was driving fast and into their lane, smashing into the passenger side of the van. He said he tried to swerve away from the van but didn’t make it.

None of the Chinese passengers in the other van could speak English to explain what happened and as of publication, no one including the police knows the name of the tour company in which the van is registered.

Island Times online

Brand stood up and spoke out in response to another post [which we’re not linking or displaying here] about this same news story:

Someone has to say something. Because you know I have a lot of close friends that are not only Palauans. Plus, cousins who are half Filipino and some are half Chinese so when I seen that girls post and all the racist comments, I just had to say something.

MMG commends and applauds Brand for being the kind of person looks beyond the surface and reads below the headlines.

On one hand, it’s sad that we would be commending anyone for something that seems so fundamental to basic American adulthood– but on the other hand, Palauans like Brand give us hope.