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10 Palauan Oldies To Bring Out the Druncle In You…


10 Palauan Oldies To Bring Out the Druncle In You…

10 Palauan Oldies To Bring Out the Druncle In You…

Or, at the very least, take you down memory lane…

There's a chance that you saw the title of this post and recognized the word druncle. But in case you didn't-- let me explain.

You probably first became aware of your druncles as a small child. Starting on Friday nights (especially if they'd just gotten paid), they'd be throwing back drinks and cooking outside... Listening to the songs of their youth, and often singing along. At least after a few beers.

These were often your favorite uncles because... Well the sheer entertainment value there was priceless. And if you were really lucky, they'd start just giving you money randomly throughout the night.

But it was never without a price... Druncle Drama was (and still is) a real thing, that we've likely all lived through... And as we've gotten older, there have probably been moments when you look back and then realize that you might've inherited a little of that Druncle spirit too...

But don't take my word for it-- check out the songs below and see if it doesn't bring the druncle out of you. (Or at the very least, take you back down repressed-memory lane...)

Di Bom Ansing

Angko had a rough week, but it's finally Friday! But he's already had a couple of Budweisers and he's in charge of music tonight... He's a younger, still-single angko-- but there's someone who's caught his eye... Try as he might, she hasn't been responsive and he's not feeling it. "Di Bom Ansing" comes on and angko's singing out his under-appreciated heart...

Mekngit a Rengum Lekebil

After "Di Bom Ansing" finishes, "Mekngit a Rengum Lekebil" comes on and angko's already got the emotional momentum. This is, after all, Friday night and time for a good old-fashioned Druncle Catharsis Session. He's starting to get that sorrowful sway going, while his arm gestures are getting grander with every word. You can literally see, feel, and hear his frustration and pain as he sings.

Then his voice cracks while singing along to Johnny B's line "...ak choremang er a ultirek er a kau...."

All the while, you're hoping something a little more upbeat comes on... After all, it's not even 9pm yet.

Stormy Night

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS! "Stormy Night" comes on just in time...

Admittedly, it's not the most cheerful song of all time-- but angko's about to finish up his first six-pack and all that matters is the beat. His sorrowful sway is starting to look like a not-so-somber rhythmic strut, and your Weekend Druncle Dread is beginning to subside.


Weekend Druncle Dread? What Weekend Druncle Dread? "Obsibs" just came on and angko's moderate strut has finally evolved into The Druncle Dance. 

You know the one. Legs apart, knees bent, hands making that "number one" finger thing that you still don't understand... And of course he's got that hip sway... And did someone just yell "chibngii" from off in the darkness? 

Whatevs. You're just grateful that this isn't gonna be a crying kind of weekend. Even if his voice is still cracking through the "...obsibs e obouch e obangch e obar..." 

And he's vigorously acting out the lyrics. 


Oh snap... Angko's REALLY feeling it now...

"Super" just came on and he's singing and dancing like he's the modern-day Ngirngemelas of a Marine. 

Then the chorus comes and angko's hoarsely singing "...ollek alii, ollek alii, ollek alii..." And, of course, his "number one" fingers up while showing us how low he can go... 

Watching this all go down, you feel conflicted. On one hand, you're kind of embarrassed for angko. But at the same time, it's kind of low-key weekend-adulting goals...

Soooooooo yeah...

Decheruk er a Tmong

While you're contemplating the mysteries of adulthood, the music mellows out with Halley singing "Decheruk er a Tmong" and angko's feeling pretty good. He's on his second six-pack, and he's got something going on the grill... 

This is good, you think to yourself. He's mellow. There's food. 

Tonight is a good night.

Elolem el Talikerab


You thought-spoke too sooooooooon...

"Elolem el Talikerab" comes on, and everyone loves this song. Normally.

In a matter of moments, you have learned that the object of angko's affection-- you know, the one who had him near tears earlier tonight-- she's from Airai. 

So rather than singing along to "...P-C-A-A..." (the only part of the song you know), you're staring at a thoroughly agitated angko. 

And whatever was on the grill? Well it's starting to burn.

Betok a Klukuk (Sweet Sweet Sweet Love)

It's not even midnight, but between trying to eavesdrop on the grownups and dealing with Druncle Drama-- you're kind of exhausted. Also, you're hungry and angko let the chicken burn. 

But then you hear the sweet, sweet, sweet sound of Sikitong and Brisia from "Bela-Yukl."


You half-expect angko to break down while singing, but apparently the lyrics are just as intoxicating (to angko) as Apollo. 

Whatever it is about this song, he looks like he's going to be okay. His singing is heartfelt and almost happy. The tension that was in the air is all but a memory.

Angko's even grabbed one of the burnt chicken legs, and he's using it as a microphone.

And off in the dark where all the mechas are sitting and judging, some auntie just called him "Frank Sinatra" with a cackle...


Angko's enjoying his burnt chicken leg until something happens. He's like a Jedi sensing a welcome disturbance in the Force.

Then you hear it.

It's angko's song. The one he sings like he wrote it. The one he sings like it was written for him.


You thought Sikitong and Brisia affected angko-- but it was nothing compared to the power of Halley and "Kamosang."

He's singing into that chicken leg bone like he's a rock star and your yard is an arena full of screaming fans. 

You're happy that he seems happy. Or, at the very least, you're relieved that he's not crying or throwing anything.

But you're also internally-cringing like "Daaaaamn angko... Do you have to be so loud..?"



How many aunties were sitting off to the side exactly?!

'Cause literally the first note of "Karkimenai" played and what looks like every auntie in the hang just appeared out of thin air! Women that your own parents call "auntie" are dropping it low like their knees aren't gonna be hurting in the morning. Meanwhile the other, older, angkos continue to sit in the periphery-- knees already sore-- clapping and pointing their "number ones."

You look over and see that angko's smiling and dancing too. With a burnt chicken thigh in one hand and "number one" on his other. 

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for you, almost as much as it's been for angko, and you're ready for a piece of that burnt chicken.

Crazy as it is, this is your family and you love them. This is your home and these are the moments that will stay with you forever, even when you're off-island. 

Then one day you'll find yourself back home... And you and your crew of brothers/sisters/cousins will be making memories for your collective of kids while they cringe and worry over the burnt food.

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